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We are a systems integrator that provides point-to-point logistics solutions. We are experts in connecting the supply chain of our customers to deliver their products on time, complete and at the right place and time. In FERENS we seek the trust of our customers through services of technological and operational excellence, both standardized and simplified.


We believe that life is too short to be unhappy at work, so every day we deal with 4 fundamental values ​​that will make our company your preferred provider of excellence:

Meaning and purpose

The meaning and purpose of our work are to achieve our customer´s total satisfaction by working closely with him

Strong harmony and partnership

We actively create an environment of friendships and good relationships at work

Empathic and effective communication

We believe that an empathic and effective communication it´s necessary to get things done right from the start


Building innovative solutions in and for the market needs a teamwork that works with hope and optimism

Our offer

In FERENS we are clear that each client (both companies and people) is different with particular needs, that is the reason why we constantly promote within our organization the following practices or processes that allow us to generate value in each of the components and stages of the supply chain:

  • Listening to our customers is our first and more important statute.
  • Understand the business and operation of our clients and their clients.
  • Work hand in hand with our clients.
  • Support each of our value solutions with the most efficient technological solutions in the market.

Our main objective



  • Deliver efficient, self-sustainable and fully traceable solutions.
  • Have 100% satisfied employees, suppliers, and customers.


In FERENS we are convinced that being part of your daily life allow us to perfectly understand your business. As a result, we will become your partner par excellence. Our goal is always being your first choice to provide you with logistics and personalized solutions.

Points of operation and office location

FERENS operates in the main ports, airports, and borders of our country. We are where the operations happen. Our headquarters are located in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico

We all have a story, and we would like to share ours with you. We are a group of innovators that for years were working for logistics companies and customs of world-class. Individually we achieved outstanding careers in our respective specializations: Operations, Sales, Purchasing, Customer Service, Technology, etc.

In 2017 we decided to create our own company: FERENS, an opportunity to keep developing what we had learned, and our way to apply the values in which we believe.

We initiated a specialized recruitment process, with the sole objective of integrating a team that would consist of excellent professionals with high values that could guarantee us effectiveness, efficacy, and empathy for our clients.

This is how we found the intelligent and imaginative group of experts that work now with us, and this is how we became this group of efficient executives that know how to deliver the results you are looking for.

Our mission is to inspire our network of business partners to provide our customers with logistics and customs value solutions. We aspire to be a successful company that can give back to our families and communities much of what they have done for us. We want that our employees become our partners by obtaining shares of our company through their outstanding participation.

We want to be the Mexican company of logistics and customs solutions with the largest number of satisfied customers in Latin America. We want to be recognized for the dedicated, efficient and personalized work with do with each one of our clients.

"How long does it take to send a 3000 Kg package to the Port of Shanghai?"

Felipe Romero

Scope of services



  • In ports and borders mainly
  • Inventory control: tickets, inventory, exits
  • Warehouses for dedicated operations

Customs broker

Customs broker

  • Marketing service
  • Forwarding at/for/to the border
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Maneuvers in port, deconsolidations, consolidations, etc.

Marine transportation

Marine transportation

  • LCL
  • FCL

Land transportation

Land transportation

  • Dedicated
  • Courier and parcel service

Air Transportation

Air Transportation

  • National: freight, courier and parcel service.
  • International: freight, courier and parcel service.

Administración de Programas INMEX y Operaciones Especiales (V1, F4, F5)

Administración de Programas INMEX y Operaciones Especiales (V1, F4, F5)

Trámites y Altas de Programas Sectoriales

Trámites y Altas de Programas Sectoriales

Project Handling

Project Handling

Crossdocking & Transloading

Crossdocking & Transloading

Cross border

Cross border

Solutions by sector

In FERENS we have expert professionals in each sector that will make our service offers a solution for your business needs:

Select your industry sector below to learn more.


E Commerce


 Hi Tech/Tecnology

 Foreign Trade Consulting



Success stories



Our technology to connect the supply chain is in the cloud. Our company has access to systems around the world with high interconnections and on platforms with reliable and safe schemes.

Cargo System

Load management logistic software. It gives visibility and traceability of collections, transits, arrivals, and deliveries of your cargo. Used in all your national and international transport operations in any modality, be it air, land or sea.


Warehouse management software to manage, monitor and control your inventories in storage.


  • Allows you to control the inventory before it reaches the warehouse.
  • Defines locations and establishes a location for a reception.
  • Combines with mobile WMS scanning for inventory counting, quick pick-up and loading, and more.
  • Automates billing for storage and defines load types for cold storage and other specialties.

Provides customers with 24-hour visibility and online tracking.

Plataforma de operaciones de Comercio Exterior

Customs management software that gives you visibility and traceability of all your transactions and repositories of all your foreign trade documents. It also allows you to generate reports of information contained in the import documents and gives you connection with the SAT and VUCEM.

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